The Legal Fund for Refugees in Radolfzell

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How does the Fund assist? In case you need financial support for - legal assistance, - official certifications and translations, - medical attestations and others. Who qualifies for assistance? What do you have to do? You should - live in Radolfzell, - produce your valid “Zeller Karte”, - declare that you receive solely money from Konstanz and that you do not have any further income. That is how we examine your need for assistance. After this clarification you can apply for financial assistance up to 250 Euros. Together with your lawyer we will examine your application. For this purpose we need all your papers from BAMF (protocol, decision, and all papers you deem to be relevant). Once the lawyer is prepared to adopt your case, the fund grants financial assistance and transfer the money on your behalf.

Your obligations You will have to cover the remaining expenses (50 Euros monthly, usually at the beginning and thereafter monthly). Sometimes the Federal Republic of Germany caters for the expenses of the court proceedings. In that case you will transfer the granted sum to the fund’s account: Sparkasse Hegau-Bodensee, DE87 6925 0035 1055 2807 60. We will check the court’s decision in this respect. In case you have paid work in the meantime or other funds available, you will pay back the grant or part of it to the fund. Based on the “Zeller Karte” we will check your current financial situation up to the end of the lawsuit.